The review was co-produced between NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) (the organisation responsible for commissioning – or planning and securing – healthcare in Dorset), Dorset HealthCare (DHC) and people who use services and carers plus a range of other external partners including all the local authorities. Co-production means that the options have been developed working together with people who use mental health services and people who work in mental health services. The approach enabled us to create options collectively.

The purpose of this review is to improve services for people who experience serious mental illness, and for those who at times, may be in need of crisis/acute mental health care.

This is because people who use services told us that they are not meeting their needs. People who work in mental health also told us that services were not supporting people as well as they could.

People who work in mental health services also told us that services were not working as well as they could to meet service users’ needs, partly because the demand on services had risen which made them less able to respond when people were experiencing a mental health crisis.

The review has been undertaken in stages: data and needs analysis, view seeking and modelling. We are currently within stage four, public consultation.

Stage 1

Looking at what is available now and what is needed

The data and needs analysis looked at the demand and use of services in Dorset and aimed to identify any trends that need to be considered.

Read Needs and Data Analysis

Stage 2

Seeking the views of people who both use and provide the service(s)

The second stage of the project was ‘view seeking’ where the review team were out and about across Dorset meeting and listening to people’s views and experiences of mental health services.

Read Qualitative Results Analysis

Stage 3

‘Model development’ – developing options for how services might be organised better

The third stage was to develop the options for a model of care. The coproduction teams were made up of people who use services and carers and people from other organisations.

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Stage 4

Public consultation on what you think of our proposals to improve mental health services in Dorset

Read more about the proposals in our consultation document